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Generator Services

Keeping Your Home or Business Powered Through Anything with 24/7 Repairs

Emergency Backup Generator Repair Services
in San Francisco, CA

Homeowners often need help with generator challenges, from startup failures to inconsistent power outputs. These issues not only disrupt your daily life but can also pose significant risks during emergencies. At Wells Electrical, we understand generators’ critical role in ensuring your home remains powered during unexpected outages.

Our expert electricians are adept at diagnosing and resolving common generator problems, offering home generator repair and generator service to restore efficiency and reliability to your system. Whether you need a minor fix, routine home generator maintenance, or a complete backup generator installation, we’ve got you covered.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Generator & the Benefits of a Reliable Backup Power Supply

Recognizing the signs that it’s time to replace your generator is key to maintaining an uninterrupted power supply. Frequent malfunctions, diminished efficiency, and escalating maintenance costs can all indicate that your current generator no longer meets your needs. Upgrading to a new home standby generator or investing in a modern backup generator brings peace of mind and improved energy efficiency and reliability into your home.

With our professional generator installation services, you can enjoy the benefits of a robust power generator system designed to meet the specific energy demands of your residence, enhancing both safety and comfort.

Our Electricians Quickly Solve Common Generator Problems

  • Difficulty Starting
  • Unexpected Shutdowns
  • Fluctuating Power
  • Strange Noises and Vibrations
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Warning Lights or Alarms
  • Poor Power Quality
  • Excessive Smoke or Odors

As more households shift to electric, having a convenient, fast-charging station at home has never been more important. Call us today to electrify your home with our EV charging stations.

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Generator Service & Repair

Our team of seasoned electricians specializes in a broad spectrum of electrical repairs to ensure your home or business operates safely and efficiently. From flickering lights and persistent circuit breaker trips to more complex wiring issues, we’re equipped with the latest tools and technology to deliver quick, reliable fixes. We prioritize safety and quality in every repair, minimizing disruptions and ensuring your electrical system meets all regulatory standards.

Generator Installation

We understand that each home has unique energy requirements, and our team is dedicated to providing a personalized installation experience, from selecting the suitable generator model (including the latest in Generac technology) to the final electrical connections. Our professional installation services ensure your generator is correctly integrated into your home’s power system and adheres to all safety standards, giving you confidence in your new backup power solution.

Generator Maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance service includes thorough inspections, performance testing, and necessary adjustments to ensure your generator is in top condition. We also identify and replace worn parts before they lead to major issues, extending the lifespan of your generator. With our maintenance services, you can rest assured that your generator will be ready to provide uninterrupted power whenever needed, keeping your home or business running smoothly through any power outage.

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Generator FAQs

Determining the right size generator for your property depends on several factors, including the total power requirement of essential electrical appliances and systems you wish to run during an outage. Calculating the combined wattage of items such as refrigerators, lighting, heating or cooling systems, and other critical devices is crucial to ensure uninterrupted operation. At Wells Electrical, we offer a tailored consultation to assess your specific needs.

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your generator operates smoothly and efficiently, especially when needed. It is recommended that a professional maintenance check be scheduled at least once a year. However, more frequent checks might be necessary for generators used more frequently or in areas with severe weather conditions.

Whether to repair or replace an old generator depends on several factors, including the cost of repairs, the age of the unit, and your power needs. Repair can be a cost-effective solution to extend the life of your existing generator. However, if the generator is frequently breaking down or becoming inefficient, replacing it with a new, more reliable unit might be the better investment.

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Our expert team offers comprehensive generator services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, ensuring your system runs smoothly when needed. Reliability starts with proactive care. Contact us to schedule your generator service and enjoy uninterrupted power, no matter the circumstances.

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